COMM12016 Citizen Blog 4 – Mackay Big Boys Toys Expo

Figure 1: The Facebook banner Source: Big Boys Toys 2016

On Saturday, 17th of September I visited the Big Boys Toys weekend event in Mackay, held in the local showgrounds. The event was dedicated to showing off many of the ‘toys’ that men generally like.

A large number of both old-fashioned cars and contemporary styled cars were on display, with visitors being allowed to touch and enter some to experience being inside of them.

Figure 2: A lineup of older cars Source: Big Boys Toys 2016

There was a competition called the JCB Excavator Skills Challenge, where competitors dug into the ground with machinery to win beer.

Figure 3: An excavating machine Source: Big Boys Toys 2016

Boast and fishing gear was also prevalent.

Figure 4: A boat Source: Big Boys Toys 2016

Technical and artistic hobbies such as model helicopters and planes and art printing were also put on display by enthusiasts, along with other people showcasing desirable items like spas.

Some people cosplayed as iconic characters from media like Stormtroopers from Star Wars.

Inflatable rides were also present for the little kids to enjoy.

Figure 5: An inflatable ride Source: Big Boys Toys 2016

At the back of the Showgrounds was an area dedicated to motorcyclists performing stunts for the crowd, which was held by the Make A Wish foundation.

The Big Boys Toys group also maintains a Facebook page where they advertise the event and share photos and videos of the event (Big Boys Toys 2016). Facebook is a social networking site that connects individuals and organisations together (Bainbridge, Goc & Tynan 2015, p.75). Groups like the Big Boys Toys organisers use Facebook to both advertise their event and connect with their customers.

Figure 6: A Facebook post discussing the events, reminding people about the tickets and prizes Source: Big Boys Toys 2016

Attendees are encouraged to visit the Facebook page and like the various posts and the page to go into the draw to win special prizes. Ticket holders who win are able to claim these prizes if they present their tickets.

Figure 7: Tickets from the events Source: Big Boys Toys 2016


Bainbridge, J, Goc, N & Tynan, L 2015, Media and journalism New Approaches to theory and practice Third Edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Big Boys Toys, Mackay Big Boys Toys Expo 2016, viewed 16th September 2016,


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