COMM12016 Citizen Blog 2 – The Sarina Coconut Festival


Figure 1: A banner celebrating the event. Source: Sarina Coco Fest 2016

On Saturday, 3rd of September I attended the inaugural Sarina Beach Coconut Festival, held at Sarina Beach, with a number of activities dedicated to coconuts and showing some of the talented people in the Sarina area. Coconuts aren’t really a staple of Australian diets unfortunately but the trees they grow on are appreciated for their aesthetic value (Foale 2011, p. 30).

The event featured performances from musicians Will Anderson and Tia Gostelow. There was also live demonstrations of cooking, basket weaving, oyster shucking and other coconut-related activities.

Figure 2: Signpost directing attendees to the various activities. Source: Sarina Coco Fest 2016

Market and food stalls were set up along the beach front, along with some artistic displays, such as this sand sculpture of a dragon, which had its nostrils lit aflame by the creator.

Figure 3: Sand sculpture of a dragon. Source: Sarina Coco Fest 2016

There was also a small train carrying excited children and their parents along the beachfront so they could see the whole festival.

On the beach were a number of fun activities that attendees were able to enjoy.

Kite flying. The huge number of fishlike kites flying in the air was particularly impressive in person.

Figure 4: Kites flying on the beach. Source: Sarina Coco Fest 2016

Camel riding. Three camels were giving rides to a large number of people.

Blow-kart racing. There was a section of the beach dedicated to the karts where people could ride around freely.

Figure 5: A blow-kart. Source: Sarina Coco Fest 2016

The event was primarily advertised on the radio and its own official website, as well as the local council’s websites (Schofield 2016). The hashtag #MackayPride was also used to promote this event as well as a Facebook page. The increased used of advertising in the mediasphere to draw in attendees is a sign of how influential media advertising is now in growing communities (Bainbridge, Goc & Tynan, p. 13). What would normally spread through word of mouth is now advertised on the internet.

Figure 6: Pamphlet for the event. Note the hashtage #MackayPride. Source: Sarina Coco Fest 2016

Overall, it was a very enjoyable event.


Bainbridge, J, Goc, N & Tynan, L 2015, Media and journalism New Approaches to theory and practice Third Edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne

Foale, M 2011, ‘The coconut palm – its place and potential in Australia’, Agriculture Science, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 29-34

Schofield, S 2016, Sarina Beach Coconut Festival, viewed 1st September 2016,


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