DGTL12002 Working with Social Media Week 1 – Twitter

Twitter is a very popular social media site that lets users read and send 140 characters known as ‘tweets’. I am a registered member of the service but the only posts I have made have been for assessment work as part of my digital media course. I do use Twitter to check up on a specific group of people I follow, but I don’t use my account for that, so I can’t tweet, retweet or reply. I primarily use Twitter to just read what a select few are thinking or saying to their followers. I enjoy reading tweets that are entertaining or relate to my interests, but I don’t care about ongoing world issues or trends, unless they are reflected in the tweets of those I follow. It is just something I use to distract myself or relieve boredom. For tweets I make on my own, they will probably continue to be only made for assessment work, as I’m not interested in voicing my thoughts to random people on the internet in an easily record-able manner.


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