Here are three reviews of other blogs and links to the posts.

Hey Jacob

Nice blog post. Everything is straight to the point and easy to understand. Giving examples of the soft skills and their effects is helpful and informative. One criticism I have is that you don’t really explain how soft skills are used in business communications or why employers find them desirable.  You touch on it with employees being more ‘likeable’, but you could also mention why this is useful, such as team efficiency or coordination. The task question has been answered satisfactorily but a bit more detail would show a greater understanding of the topic. Grammar and spelling seem mostly fine, but the last two paragraphs seem a bit awkward. Maybe look over it again.

Your blog looks great and is very easy to read. Paragraphs are well spaced  and the font is readable and professional. The banner image does a good job of explaining what the blog is about.

Kind regards,


Hey Shannon

Something that sticks out about your post is the grammar. I think you need to read the post aloud and adjust some of awkward sentences and phrasing. I understand what you are talking about but the delivery is very rough. The writing and presentation standard has its own section on the criteria sheet, which can improve marks easily. Also, the second paragraph does not flow well into the new topic of interpersonal difficulties. Maybe start off by saying that because new technology is replacing traditional communication, people are becoming less skilled. Some good points are the range of communication types covered and the detailed personal example you gave at the end. It helps explain how much influence modern technology has on our lives. Also, the animation you used is very charming and interesting.

The blog itself is very pleasant and relaxing to look at. Everything is easy to read and navigate.

Kind regards,


Hey Mitchell

In your post, you start off with some really awkward grammar. You should say who the people are and that they definitely argue for that particular statement. The second sentence reads weirdly and doesn’t flow well with the prior sentence. Obviously some of the paragraphs are missing. Make sure to meet the minimum word limit for your posts and also include some of the ‘communication media’ detailed on the assignment page. Don’t forget to have at least two references and use them in your posts.

The blog itself is aesthetically pleasing with the colours and fonts used. The banner image is very charming and informative.

Kind regards,



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